Category Temperature anomalies from the past 137 years This climate visualization shows the temperature anomalies by country from 1880 through 2017, based on data from NASA. Data source: NASA GISAnimation via Washington Post

In my silver-lining head, this is how it goes: 1. Israel and Palestine fight for decades. Nothing seems to change. 2. Trump makes a bold and antagonising move. 3. Other side realises this is the end game. 4. Some negotiations about logistics. 5. Everyone who wants Jerusalem as a capital decides to share it. 6. Peace. But I’m not a member of a friendly and peaceful religion like all the key stakeholders in this debate,…

This is probably one of these posts which will get me in trouble, but cycling past the soldiers standing in the rain this morning — marking the anniversary of the Somme — I was moved to tears and anger. In that 4 month long battle 1,000,000 men died to fight for 5 miles of mud. Such huge losses for such a meagre and meaningless win at the whim of a few crazy notions from a few crazy people. I…

A tyrant is in power killing hundreds of thousands of people. The only morally right thing for anyone who is not otherwise more productively occupied is to rush to their assistance. If I were a UK Muslim woman (or any woman, or any man) I’d find it damned hard to make the case that the willing should NOT take up arms to fight a noble fight. BBC News – Police make Syria plea to UK Muslim women.