The narcissism of difference

The human condition: in which we are all dismayed by the same things at the same time, but because we’re dismayed for entirely different reasons we focus on that rather than actually addressing the problem.

The unbearable lightness of politics

Politics feels like EastEnders:  hyperbolic soap-opera melodrama in which seems to be the entire world, but it just a small square in London.

Football tribalism for broadsheet readers.

Until you remember it’s real and creating increasingly existential threats to humanity via its actions and inactions.


Mastery, Autonomy, Purpose & Utopia

Mandating “Good Things” = very hard and lots of fights
Listing “Unacceptable Things” = really easy, lots of consensus
Listing “Desirable Things” = easy, lots of consensus if not mandatory

Things that make all humans happy: Mastery, Autonomy, Purpose.

Allow people to work towards desirable things (purpose) without mandating them (autonomy) whilst getting better at doing stuff (mastery) and life will be spangled unicorns.

Customer service times

Numbers I’d like to see for every business:

  • Live and average time to answer sales¬†calls
  • Live and average time to answer support calls
  • Time between payment & service (re)activation

It costs the same to solve global warming as it does to solve it.

A research team at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis in Laxenburg, Austria, says it has studied how much it would cost for governments to stick to their worldwide global warming goal. They’ve concluded that for “a 70 per cent chance of keeping below 2 degrees Celsius, the investment will have to rise to $1.2 trillion a year.” Where to get that money? The researchers say that “global investment in energy is already $1 trillion a year and rising” with more than half going to fossil fuel energy. If those subsidies were spent on renewable energy instead, the researchers hypothesize that “global warming would be close to being solved.”

90% ape, 9% human, 1% angel.

We are 90% ape, 9% human, 1% enlightened being. Maybe. If we’re lucky.

Our 1% angel conceives the wonder; our 90% monkey wonders how to make it happen.

“This is no place to stop, halfway between an ape and an angel” — Benjamin Disraeli.