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Is the UK the best country in the world?

15th in maths and science 33rd in life expectancy, 20th for public debt 36th for education expenditure 34th in infant mortality, 27th for renewables 2nd biggest arms exporter, including to 22 of the 30 countries on the UK Government’s human rights watch list 146th in

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SpaceTech – what humans get up to when they aren’t worrying about with which country they belong to, who technically gets to make the laws they’ll have no control over anyway, which non-existent god to bother, which bathroom to use, or what height to be

What rules should govern AI?

Many people know Asimov’s 3 laws of robotics (basically humans come before robots), but as they develop more and more capabilities it’s time to look deeper at the guidance and governance which should apply to artificial intelligence (AI) to keep us safe and maximise benefits.

The narcissism of difference

The human condition: in which we are all dismayed by the same things at the same time, but because we’re dismayed for entirely different reasons we focus on that rather than actually addressing the problem.