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Dowding’s law of services

Dowding’s law of services: the value of advice is inversely proportional to its cost. The quality of execution of that advice is directly proportional to its cost. ie professionals will tell you the right answer for (almost) free because doing it well is the hard part.

What is social enterprise?

It’s about playing a smarter game, and changing the rules of existing games so that they’re more fun for more people. How about creating and trying new games? We could play “Mostly Football” where you’re allowed to use your hands as much as would allow

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Post-materialist delight

I have to cut this from a presentation, but I just wanted to share it with someone before I do so that it’s not completely wasted. We live in an era of great change. The post-industrial society has spread across the world as fast as

Running on ice

Imagine you’re standing on a hill near the edge of a huge frozen lake. Hundreds of people are skating on it, having a great time. As the day goes on, more families come down to the shore with flasks of hot chocolate, put on their