September 2017


Summary of the suggestions outlined by Douglas Murray in his book “The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam”: Actually try to make it nicer where they are Admit there’s nothing wrong with being proud of being European Offer temporary asylum only, where appropriate Pay for refugees to do work in Middle Eastern countries Decide who has legitimate claims to asylum before they arrive in Europe Deport those without a viable claim Acknowledge whatever errors…

SpaceTech – what humans get up to when they aren’t worrying about with which country they belong to, who technically gets to make the laws they’ll have no control over anyway, which non-existent god to bother, which bathroom to use, or what height to be at whilst a bit of music is playing. Mind you, at least that keeps everyone else busy whilst science just turns up and gets the job done. Source:

It turns out there is little more likely to galvanise me to action than a bunch of people doing the intellectual equivalent of moaning about the long toilet queues without actually checking the cubicles. Life timestamp reminder: you’d just listened to Dangerous by Milo Y.