Mastery, Autonomy, Purpose & Utopia

Mandating “Good Things” = very hard and lots of fights
Listing “Unacceptable Things” = really easy, lots of consensus
Listing “Desirable Things” = easy, lots of consensus if not mandatory

Things that make all humans happy: Mastery, Autonomy, Purpose.

Allow people to work towards desirable things (purpose) without mandating them (autonomy) whilst getting better at doing stuff (mastery) and life will be spangled unicorns.

You’re fat. Do something about it.

I keep seeing people post pictures of “real womens’ bodies” and  glorifying in that.

I’m all for feeling good about one’s body, but only if you have good reason. There’s no escaping the fact that there are also a bunch of fat people who haven’t looked after themselves in there. Maybe feeling bad is a very sensible feedback mechanism to encourage health?

Or should we have a montage of drug ravaged people, too, and celebrate their strength and tenacity? Because this is what real people look like, too.

We certainly do glorify a certain body type, and yes childbirth is a shocker, yes modern lifestyles make it difficult, but you know what else people on magazines have in common? They’re eat healthily, exercise, and certainly appear less likely to smoke and drink.

Most recent re-posting which triggered this little burst: The Militant Baker: EXPOSE: SHEDDING LIGHT ON COLLECTIVE BEAUTY.

The peace of the lobotomised or the peace of the contended?

That we’re getting better at not killing each other because of international trade co-dependence is a double edged sword. It brings a certain type of peace, but also eg economic sanctions which keep people incompetent. Peaceful, yes. Prosperous no.

Not having citizens protest in the streets because they’re resigned to its futility is peaceful, too. But passive hopelessnesss is not a precursor to prosperity.

We need to be careful what we measure. Number of premature deaths per capita is good, but once we’re below a certain threshold (and it is 2015 so we should be), other indicators tell us more, eg social mobility, enfranchisement, equality and equity, health, happiness, number of people with hobbies and so on.